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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle can be challenging but can also be very rewarding.

A recent customer was having trouble getting her herb garden and vegetable gardens to perform. As a result she became very discouraged and was about to give up. She called me for help because she really wanted to have healthy plants to eat and cook with.

After meeting her I found the boxes were not deep enough and did not have enough planting soil for best plant health. I removed the few inches of good soil she had from main garden box to reuse later. I then removed six inches of clay then added fresh garden mix to box. I then dismantled her modular herb box and rework design to add to main box to create a workable garden she now enjoys. I was also able to reuse the filter fabric she had at bottom of herb box to line the sides of reused cedar box. The cost to customer was minimal and was able to reuse most of the material.

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Recycling On The Job

Reduce Reuse & Recycle is a way of life for my family just like many other families trying to do their part. This can be a chore that is very easy to stay away from even for just that one water bottle or that cardboard box. What we do at home can be even more challenging to do at the workplace where everyone is not of the same mindset or dedication.

During a recent installation of a six zone irrigation system I worked with the crew closely and tried to teach them the importance of recycling and everyone worked together to recycle all the waste from the install. This included parts boxes, drink boxes, water bottles and cans. We also recycle concrete chunks that came out of the ground.

We hand dug all trenches so we reused all the grass which also reduced the cost to customer who did not have to replace it.

Reduce Reuse Recycle is a way of life for me and I bring that philosophy to your next project.