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Landscape Irrigation is the art and management of applying water to the landscape in a manner to encourage the growth of plant material and support water conservation. Creating a healthy and stunning landscape starts with a well designed and installed irrigation system that conforms to the individual landscape. An irrigation system can have a enormous impact on real estate and property value. A professionally designed and installed sprinkler system can save money, time and water!

Here at Mike Ball Irrigation we take this definition of Landscape Irrigation to heart.  With water being a precious natural resource and in short supply, especially during our HOT TEXAS summers.  The health of plants, grass and trees is major part of my life and has been for over thirty three years so keeping them watered properly and in good health is a big deal.

As a result, I specialize is LOW VOLUME water conserving sprinkler system design by exclusively using the HUNTER MP ROTATOR nozzles in all turf areas for all new installations.  These nozzles can save over 30% on water waste, less affected by wind and apply water much slower allowing the water to soak end and not as much water running out to street.  Read all about MP ROTATOR nozzles at Hunter Industries.